Non Owner Car Insurance

In case you don’t own a car it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get an auto insurance. In fact there are times when you have to rent a car in order to go around the city. If you are doing this, then, it is time you consider buying non owner car insurance.

From the term itself it is easy to understand that this type of insurance are for those individuals who don’t own a car but rent a lot or for those who drive company cars. Unlike the regular automobile insurance, the non owner car insurance is somehow limited in its scope of coverage. It doesn’t even provide comprehensive and collision coverage. Despite the limitations it is still important that you acquire a non owner car insurance.

If you get into an accident while driving a rented car, you can use your auto insurance to cover the cost of the damage and at the same time protect your assets. This will also keep the rental car company from filing legal actions against you in order to recover some money.

A non owner car insurance can also increase the chances of you getting to rent a car without much hassle. If you have a policy beforehand the rental car company owner will willingly entrust his vehicle to you. Having a policy is like a testament of you being responsible for your actions.

 Non Owner Car Insurance

It is true that most rental car companies have car owner’s policy for each of its units. If you get into an accident and the car owner’s policy is not enough to cover the damages, then you can use your non-car owner protection to settle the balance. In this way you won’t have to worry about paying extra for the damaged car.

Most rental car companies offer short term insurance policies and you can buy this every time you rent a car from them. If you rent often constantly buying short term policies from the company can be costly. So if you want to save money on this, buy your own non car owner coverage in your State.

I am spending one month vacation at my aunt’s and I will be driving her car. Will a non owner car insurance work for me?

I too make use of a non-owner’s car insurance every time I am out of town. It is especially helpful when you drive a car that is not your own. You can have coverage for medical bills if you are injured in an accident while driving someone else’s vehicle.

You will find this helpful to have if you are not on your aunt’s policy or would prefer to possess a policy in your name. This kind of policy is a good investment especially if you do not stay in a place for so long, like me. The longest I stay in a single city is probably 3-6 months in an average. Before you choose any coverage, you need to take all other options into consideration prior to any purchase.

For me, this type of policy still remains to be the excellent choice for those whom drive cars other than their own. This is also for a driver who frequently drives a company car for his job. You would also want to get this kind of coverage if you intend to drive you aunt’s cars on a regular basis. This will give you and your aunt the peace of mind you both need. This is also good for a person who rents vehicles frequently. It is usually extremely expensive to buy liability coverage from car rental services.

Yes there is an insurance policy like that. And it will make your neighbor more comfortable lending you his car if you own this type of insurance. It is called the non owner car insurance. This type of auto insurance policy will cover damage expense done on the vehicle that you don’t own if you are the one behind the wheel and you accidentally collide on something. But let me make this clear to you. Although if you accidentally damage the vehicle of your neighbor, your neighbors auto insurance policy will take effect. Your non owner car insurance policy will only take its role if your neighbors’ auto insurance policy cannot cover the damage that is done on the vehicle. For example, if the estimated cost of the damage is $20,000 and your neighbor or the owner of the car has a liability limit of $30,000, your non-owners’ policy will not be touched. But if your neighbors’ liability limit is only $10,000 then your policy will take care of the remaining deficit.

Non Owner Auto Insurance

Another advantage is if you rent a vehicle. Most rental companies also sell car insurance policies that cover throughout the renting period. This may not cost much, but if you are renting too often, it will surely save you money if you have a non owner car insurance policy. Notice if you rent a vehicle too often and always pay additional cost for car insurance, try to sum up the additional auto insurance cost and try to compare if you can save if you had a non owner car insurance policy.

Non owner car insurance is good if you’re just a commuter and borrow a car occasionally for important trips. In a time where fuel costs are rising, it is the most prudent thing to do. As long as you drive, you need to have insurance in order to be protected.

Insurance companies offer customers a non owners policy if they drive on occasion but do not have their own car. The coverage of this type of insurance includes medical payments and liability. It also has coverage for underinsured motorist. However it does not have collision or comprehensive coverage. It does not reimburse for towing expenses.

If you rent a car, you can get these same benefits even if you bought limited coverage. This is one of the things that car rental companies offer in order for them to get customers. An average policy costs between $300 and $500 annually. The rates depend on a lot of factors like where you actually live and how good your driving record is. So the rates can go both ways. So if you rent a car, for say, more than 10 days a year, then yes, having a non owners auto insurance can help cut costs.

Non Owner Car InsuranceThis insurance though is not exclusive for cars rented. As long as you drive one, it will provide the coverage you need. Suppose you borrow a car from a close friend. If you get into an accident, your friend’s insurance policy will be the one to pay for any damages. But that’s if you weren’t the one at fault. So what if it was your fault? If the other driver’s damages exceed your friend’s insurance then you have no choice but to pay for that extra amount. By having a non owner car insurance, then that costs would be covered.

How to get Cheap Non Owner Car Insurance?

Car insurance coverage is a necessary evil, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. With the right know-how you can find a policy for your vehicle without paying an arm and a leg. Here are some excellent tips and tricks to help you out:

  • Compare as Many Insurers as You Can!
    The more offers and rates you compare, the better your chances of finding the cheapest car insurance policies in your area. Personally I would recommend you get at least 3 separate quotes from competing companies, even ones you may not have heard of. Doing this will help you decide your coverage limits and what additional asset protection you might be missing or want to include.
  • Review Policies Carefully
    Know what you are signing up for. There is no use to buy full coverage on a very old car. Review and understand the parts of your policy and eliminate those clauses that you are getting similar coverage already somewhere else.
  • Keep Your Driving History Clean
    A consistently good driving record is crucial to keeping an affordable car insurance policy in the long run. This tells your insurer how risky or safe you are as a driver. The higher the risk you represent, the more rates you will be charged.There are actually a lot of discount options available with car insurance; you just have to know which one applies to you. Among the most common includes: Good driver discounts, Good student discounts, Safe car discounts, Low-Mileage discounts, and multi-policy discounts.
  • Avoid Too Much Claims
    File claims too frequently and you would soon see your car insurance rates skyrocket. This is not the way to getting the cheapest car insurance. Claims equal accidents, accidents equals risk, the more the claims the more risky you are as a policyholder.
  • Make Your Deductible Work for You
    Raising your deductible to the highest amount you’re comfortable with will make your premiums cheaper. As long as you can still afford the higher deductible when you actually do need to make a claim, then you should be ok.

I hope this helps you find the cheapest non owner car insurance policy, please use the form at the top and at the end of this page to start your free no obligation quote.